Two. The number of weeks school has been in session, the number of anxiety attacks I’ve experienced…and precisely the number of anxiety attacks I’ve experienced. Oh, did I already mention that?

After two weeks with Liv in kindergarten, I can tell you this: everything I expected to happen has not. And some things that have happened are completely unexpected.

The first day of school, I took my obligatory ‘back to school’ pictures, dropped my girls off at daycare to hop on the bus, then made a beeline straight to school. Making my way through the crowd of blubbering mothers, I finally find my girls and their smiling faces.


After watching Olivia, sitting with friends, all smiles and eating an apple, the waterworks start. She’ll be ok. We’re here…in this moment…and she’ll be ok.



Two. The number of people I’m extremely thankful for during this transition period. Because I can tell you…it’s a transition. And it can be slow. And sometimes painful.

Liv’s kindergarten teacher. Amazing. She includes Olivia completely and communicates with me about Liv’s progress (or lack thereof). Liv has brought home papers where she has written her name, the numbers 1 through 3, and pictures of faces. And each morning, she grabs her backpack and lovingly recites her teacher’s name. 90% of the battle. Won.

The other person is the school nurse. This woman is a saint and deserves nothing short of a Hawaiian vacation. But since I can’t afford to give her one, my incessant ‘thank yous’ will have to do.

Thank goodness, too, for our amazing before-and-after care teachers at our long-time daycare. Their concern and care for Olivia–for all our girls–means the world.

So what has been expected but unrealized? I was completely, absolutely, 100% positive Olivia would be so wiped out after her school days that she’d fall asleep on the bus or as soon as she got home. Nope. The kid is on the go. She’s tired, I can tell, but she’s keeping up with things and even attending dance class. I’m also pretty surprised at how well she’s adjusted to her changing schedule with few complaints.

The unexpected? The accidents. In her pants. She’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to using a new bathroom and having complete and absolute freedom in that area. At home, we’re always verbally prompting her to go, and at school the kiddos just go when needed. So we are adjusting our ways at home. It’s getting better, but oh my. Do you remember when I said the school nurse is a saint? Yeah. It’s been a long two weeks. 2. You get my drift.

On day one, I held my breath all day. Stomach in knots. On day two, the same. On day three, I told myself that I can’t possibly live like that. For obvious reasons, I’d drive myself (and everyone around me) crazy. It’s a conscious decision to let go. It’s hard. It’s impossible. But it has to be done.

Too bad I can’t figure it out.

As for now, I’m so glad to have a three-day weekend. We all need our rest.

And I’m extremely proud of Olivia. May I never forget to tell her that. This girl is in kindergarten for a full day and is already learning, walking in line, and following (most of) the rules. Her teacher did mention something about bathing in the water fountain…

To be continued.




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