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shoesI am Tara, wife to Eric (12 years), and mother to two beautiful girls…Amelia (9) and Olivia (5). Our journey is not much different than most peoples’.

We work. Eric is chief engineer at a local TV station. I am a video producer at the local university.

We play. Eric enjoys music. I love to read and write. Photography is a hobby we both share. Amelia likes basketball and hip-hop dance; Liv is a ballet dancer.

We have a pet. Cosmo is our beloved canine creature (who regularly pees on the carpet).

We enjoy family time together. Most recently we visited a carnival in my hometown.

What might appear a bit different to outsiders is not our journey, but who is taking us there…and where we are going. Olivia (Livie) was born with Down syndrome.

This site is for us to share our stories. It’s not all about Down syndrome; our lives are not defined by it completely. But it plays a large role in our journey as advocates and educators.

Thanks for going on this journey with us…the Stolls.

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